Silicon Steel Sheet Production Workshop

About Workshop
The silicon steel sheet production workshop of Bocheng Electrical covers an area of 3,600 square meters. The chief raw material is silicon steel sheets sourced from Baowu Steel Group, providing the advantages of low loss and consistent quality. Our workshop houses a wide range of professional equipment, such as highly-automated silicone steel sheet slitter, high-speed stamping presses with capacities of 25T, 40T, 63T and 160T, as well as the high-speed double-crank precision stamping press and the numerically-controlled silicon steel sheet cutting line etc. Our monthly production capacity for the silicon steel sheets can reach more than 1,800 tons.

About Silicon Steel Sheets
Our main product portfolio includes: high- and low-voltage power transformer silicon steel sheets, high- and low-voltage reactor silicon steel sheets, low-voltage EI type stamping sheets, slivers and so forth. Their major characteristics include low iron loss, high magnetic field strength, good stamping performance, high-performance insulation coatings, almost no magnetic aging etc.

Silicon Steel Sheet Production Workshop

The silicon steel sheet production workshop covers an area of 2,600 square meters. It is subdivided into several regions, including the cutter storage area, silicon steel sheet slitting area as well as the silicon steel sheet punching and cutting area. Our monthly production capacity for the silicon steel sheets reaches more than 1,800 tons, so we can timely deliver goods to meet customer’s requirements.

  • A panorama of the silicon steel sheet production workshop

Most of our raw materials are the low loss cold-rolled oriented or non-oriented silicon steel sheets from two renowned companies, namely the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation and Baosteel. The entire process, from materials inspection, warehousing, stacking to production testing, assembly testing and delivery, is conducted under strict quality control to ensure our products possess superior quality.

  • Raw material stacking area
  • Silicon steel sheet cutting area
  • Numerically controlled silicon steel sheet cutting line

This kind of equipment works very fast and with a high level of precision. It can precisely position and punch holes and uses a 10-inches operation panel which allows storage of production drawings. For every customer, the same type of products can be processed multiple times without error.

  • The close-up view of the silicon steel sheet cutting operation

The 160T high-speed stamping press has a maximum shut height of up to 320mm. The sliding block can be adjusted to 100mm. The steady machine body combined with high pressing speed can ensure the workpieces have accurate dimensions and cause no position shift between the mold and the product in the high-speed stamping process.

  • 160T high-speed stamping press
  • Blanking is completed.

This machine can provide customers with spare parts stamping services. It can also stamp laminations for the production of silicon steel sheets. Major features are easy operation, high levels of safety and reliability.

  • Open type inclinable press machine
  • The close-up view of the pressing machine
  • Silicon steel sheet slitting machine
  • Tungsten steel cutting disc

The silicon steel sheet slitting machine is equipped with tungsten steel and cemented carbide cutting discs. Slitting is a process used to produce smooth and flat cuts on the silicon steel sheet. It can minimize the level of noise and loss produced by heating of iron cores. The lamination factor will be increased to more than 95%.

  • The cutting of the silicon steel sheet

Medium and large-sized transformer assembly service is available in the silicon steel sheet stacking area. We have a 6 meters ultra-long platform used for stacking and assembly of silicon steel sheets. Prominent features include right-angle iron cores, flat surfaces and an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

  • Silicon steel sheet laminating process
  • These silicon steel sheets are stacked well and used as stamping sheets.
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