Power Transformer Production Workshop

Workshop at a Glance
The power transformer production workshop has an area of 7,000 square meters. It houses a wide collection of domestic-leading production equipment and advanced testing instruments, including various numerically-controlled stamping presses, as well as CNC bending machine, CNC plate shear, multi-station busbar machine, 3D triangular shaped iron-core transformer, and many others. Our in-house manufacturing prowess ensures you get what you need.

Our company has independently developed and improved a diverse range of products, including the S11, S13 oil-immersed transformers with voltages of 10KV and 35KV; as well as the SC(B)10/11/12 series dry type transformers with voltages of 10KV and 35KV, and so forth. We offer customers a wide selection of high-quality products.

Electrical Cabinet
Bocheng Electrical provides a series of high- and low-voltage electrical cabinets, including the transformer’s main incoming cabinets, feeder cabinets, soft starter cabinets, and so on. Most of the components are purchased from overseas renowned brands. Technicians have rich experience in the assembly process. These features provide a solid guarantee on the quality of our products.

Power Transformer Production Workshop

Aside from an advanced research and development capability, Bocheng Electrical has also established a professional power transformer production workshop which spans around 7,000 square meters.

  • The exterior view of the power transformer production workshop
  • The interior view of the power transformer workshop

This area houses the AMADA numerically controlled sheet metal equipment, as well as the multifunctional CNC turret punch machinery, CNC hydraulic bending machine, CNC laser cutting machine and many others. We use PRO-E, AUTOCAD and other types of engineering design software to make our facilities easier to perform punching, cutting, bending, welding, high-temperature drying and other operations on sheet metal.

  • Sheet metal production area

According to your drawing and design specifications, technicians can select different coil winding methods. After confirmation of the coil winding method, a numerically-controlled, fully automatic coil winding machine is employed to produce more aesthetically pleasing and more compact windings than previously.

  • Coil winding area
  • Coil winding operation

In this working area, we check whether the transformer and pipe are sealed perfectly. Start the vacuum pump, and examine the fuel tank. Oiling will be performed in the vacuum state if there is no abnormality. The oiling temperature should be slightly higher than the temperature of the machine body.

  • Vacuum oiling area
  • Vacuum oiling equipment

With the use of a special tester for turns ratio and phase position, we can examine the polarity and number of turns in the entire coil winding process. An LCR tester is utilized to measure the inductance of semi-finished products. Finally, we perform withstanding voltage test and insulation resistance test.

  • Transformer testing area

The company has independently developed and improved a wide range of products, such as the S11, S13 oil-immersed transformers with voltages of 10KV and 35KV; as well as the SC(B)10/11/12 series dry type transformers with voltages of 10KV and 35KV. We can offer customers a diverse selection of high-quality products.

  • Oil-immersed power transformer
  • Dry type power transformer
  • The mains incoming cabinet of the transformer
  • Schneider circuit breaker
  • Cable layout on the back
  • A panorama of the mains incoming cabinets
  • Components inside the drawer of the mains incoming cabinet
  • Soft starter cabinet
  • Soft starter is the main component of the soft starter cabinet.
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